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Conservation Cheetah Luncheon at L'Escargot - Soho, London

Conservation Cheetah Luncheon at L'Escargot - Soho, London



“Where every guest leaves with a magnificent
cheetah portrait, that with the help of
our wildlife artist – they have painted!”

The sad truth is the world’s fastest land mammal is racing towards extinction. We’d like to help Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Livestock Guarding Dogs initiative to halt further decline.

We begin with
Our cheetah conservation day begins at 10am, where we turn you into an artist good enough to leave with your own cheetah painting. If you’re pretty handy with a brush, our resident wildlife artist will give you some guidance. If like me you haven’t picked up a brush since school, then rest assured, there will be a colour wash of yellow on your board and the position of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth will be marked out in pencil for you, so you'll know exactly where to put your brush!

Cheating – maybe (but this is a cheetah day) guaranteeing bragging rights on a great painting – definitely! We will have mixed the colour pallets and as you can see from a previous event everyone will come away with a painting to be proud of.

Then lunch
We’ll chat over drinks and canapes, with a delicious lunch to follow, finishing with a short talk about cheetah conservation, what’s being done and what our hopes are for the future.

We can make a difference that day
You’ll hear about the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s amazing programme in Namibia of giving away Anatolian Shepherd dogs – known as livestock guarding dogs. These amazing dogs bond with whatever creatures they are put with and are fiercely protective of “their pack”. Cheetahs ranges have been lost to livestock herdsmen encroaching, and where the cheetah would formerly hunt their calves – and get a spear in its side for its troubles, the presence of the dog is enough to deter the cheetah. This has proved to be almost 100% successful contributing hugely to maintaining cheetah numbers in areas where the fund have given away these dogs. Our aim at this lunch is to raise enough to sponsor at least one and hopefully more new Guarding Dogs!


On the day

Your package includes:

  • Kenyan cocktails

  • A delicious lunch

  • Guidance from our resident wildlife artist

  • All materials needed to create your own cheetah painting

  • A short presentation on cheetah conservation

  • An exhibition of original colourful lions painted in a very distinctive style by Eric Mathenge a young African artist we have helped since his schooldays – have a look at some of his work here

The price is £135 per person

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