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Previous Guests Say...

" Fantastic event, really enjoyed the scenery, hotels and food.  Great new friends have been met, so much packed into a short time.  Very well organised, navigational challenge fine; we like a challenge.  Thanks Prestige. "

Adrian Longstaff

"Well done and many thanks for another wonderful Prestige holiday.  Lots of memories, sights and sounds to treasure for always.  Thank you Clive and the office for your attention to detail, which lifts your holidays from the ordinary. "

Irene Miles

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Spring Time in Alderney

£xx tbc per person

The little island of Alderney  is a naturalist’s paradise, offering a rich and magical blend of manmade and natural landscape, some tremendous chefs offering fresh sea food & local produce and the destination for our first “Closer to Home Wildlife” trips.


You know us more for our escorted trips to the world’s most exciting and dramatic wildlife destinations through our “Celebration of Wildlife” trips to  Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Galapagos and India. But much closer to home also exists a wonderfully wide variety of wildlife although less exotic, still set in  glorious surroundings.  We feel that this will appeal to those of you who are unable to always commit the time & finance to the more far flung destinations we offer.  Here is a new opportunity that embraces the usual relaxed Prestige style: comfy beds, culinary delights every day, nature at its best, a well thought through programme and hosts who take their work seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously!

If you would like to receive information on, or register your interest in our next trip to Alderney, please call 01442 879000 or email  and we will be in touch just as soon as dates are finalised.


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